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Oasis Agribusiness Village agents’ exposure visit to Brac seed production center

Brac seed in partnership with Oasis Agribusiness (U) limited took their village agents to their seed production center in Nakaseke in August.
Limited access to good quality inputs remains a major issue in agriculture despite the efforts by government through legislation and several initiatives to mitigate it. Adoption of quality inputs in Uganda is growing and 23% of Ugandans use agricultural inputs.
The village agents’ primary goal is to sell agricultural inputs to fill the gap of limited access to quality agricultural inputs in rural areas and also increase access to information. According to Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) in their press release, the ratio of small holder farmers households to an extension worker in Uganda is 1:1800 which is a big gap compared to the international accepted standard of 1:500 indicating the large extension gap to farmers thus the need for village agents.
With this exposure visit the agents were trained on basic seed production processes to give an insight on the quality of their hybrid seeds which could mitigate the low yield problems that face farmers as a result of use of home saved seed.
Okunu Daniel one of the youth village agents who attended the training appreciated that it a real eye opener for them as they can explain to farmers about quality seed and agronomy more easily because they have received knowledge.
Training and empowerment of village agents increases their knowledge and ability to serve farmers. The village agents also refer to our field staff and head office for guidance in case they encounter agronomic issues in farmers field thus widening their experience.